Friday, April 23, 2010

Adapt or die.

There's a reason you're not writing your client proposal on a slice of birch bark with a quill. Well, maybe you are because you're quirky like that, but I assume most of us use a computer.

Maybe traditional advertising isn’t dead, but the traditional concept of marketing is.

Take Social Media. To many it’s a vice. But to many it’s intimidating. Allowing the consumer to have full control over what's said about your company - and spreading it all over the internet - is scary. The control is gone. But if you’re not online, you’re not part of the conversation.

Say you write a news release today. How will you get it out? You’ll email it to a few hundred people on your list, expect that they forward it to a few hundred on their lists, someone will retweet it, someone will write a blog about it, and a couple dozen will make their Facebook status. Done. And it’s 9:15am.

Now try faxing it. A couple dozen pieces of paper creep out into the world and into the hands of an intern who says “What do I do with this?”

Darwin was right. Lesson learned.

A sweet read: “The Fall of Advertising and The Rise of PR” by Al and Laura Ries.
Image by The TJB on Flickr

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