Friday, February 19, 2010

How To Create Tacky Copy With Exclamation Marks!!!!

How I love punctuation. Our meticulous use of commas, em-dashes, semi-colons, and question marks are crucial to develop the perfect tone and style for our careful writing.

Then we ruin it by finishing with a slew of gaudy exclamation marks.

If the point is strong, it will make an impact without the assistance of this impatient and demanding symbol. The presence of a symbol with such greed and voracity actually degrades the point and deems our writing, (and, heaven forbid, our brand), unprofessional.

This morning, my dear partner sent me this link. This brilliant site helps describe all the ways in which this language-cheapening mark aggravates the best of writers.

So, let's do our copy editors a favour, and save the exclamation marks for greeting cards.


  1. I agree!

    No really, I do. So what's better an emoticon or an exclamation mark?

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  3. I find it sends the same shrill tone as an email composed with all capital letters. Far too forceful. Almost offensive to the recipient.