Friday, January 29, 2010

Inkpop: The Facebook for Writers

I love Facebook. What's not to love? I've lived in six different cities, I don't have a long distance plan, and seeing my list of friends makes me feel important. But aside from fulfilling my incessant need to be popular, Facebook also allows me to creep. Alright, not creep; scout.

We're adults now. We're all entering the real world, getting real careers, looking for real jobs. It's during this time when we're beginning to move from Facebooking to Linking.

LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. Portfolios, references, resumes, and, best of all, connections. For most of us, this is a place to connect, collaborate, cultivate, and leverage who we know, rather than creep them.

This week, HarperCollins launched inkpop, an online community for writers. For teen writers.


It marries trendy with professional, and inspires success, motivation, competition, and creativity in youth.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Being a mature student LinkedIn provides me with a great opportunity to connect with professionals working in my industry. I agree Mich its brilliant.

  2. Inkpop is of extreme pith, so long as Bohemian Writers are the only rabble that you wish to converse with. LinkedIn is of the same ilk. If you want to find a one-eyed clown/masseuse for children's parties it is feckless! For that, I use

    The Phantom