Sunday, January 17, 2010


So, here I am. I've created a blog. My first obstacle was to come up with a title. I began by writing down EVERYTHING communication. PR-related or not, I just wrote it down. My cell vibrates, I write it down. Lady Gaga comes on, I write it down. That man is ordering coffee, I write it down.

How many forms of communication can I record in the duration of 48 hours? Plenty. And how effectively are the messages being conveyed? Well, that depends. While paying close attention to people's interactions, (down to the number of times the cashier makes eye contact as she rings my produce through), I began to think about the way in which we communicate - or don't communicate.

The purpose of this blog, as any blogger or blog follower would tell you, is to communicate. But to go one step further, this blog is to convey a message. Or, more specifically, a collection of messages, to help facilitate discussion on what makes a message effective. This is exactly why I find Public Relations so fascinating.

Find a story, determine who it affects, make it relevant, drive it home, and continue doing so until you find a way for that message to create an impact. Slant, spin, repeat.


  1. The psychological (consumer behaviour-ism) aspect of Public Relations is very interesting. I suppose it's the core essence of it, delivering information to a market in a way that conforms to their wants/needs. To minimize risk and results through damage control to simply introducing the newest app on your beloved i-Phone, PR really is implemented to delve into the deepest recesses of the mind.

    Why else would people start smoking cigarettes in this day and age? The answer: an unknowingly and unofficial representative of the tobacco industry, in grade 8, made it look really cool to light up a fag. Public relations at its finest.


  2. I'm not much for PR, Though i guess in Theatre i do require a certain amount of basic basic basic PR knowledge. I just find people Fascinating. how and why they interact and react like they do. But this is your blog, Treat it as such. :D Who knows, You may turn it into someTHing else later :D